Why you could soon miss out on mitumba clothes

Let’s be honest. Not all of the trend-savvy mamas you meet on the street buy their clothes in fancy boutiques.

Actually, most rely on mitumba – second hand clothes imported from other countries.

This could soon come to an end if a proposal by the East African Legislative Council (EALC) sails through.

Speaking at Mount Kenya University, the council members supported the ban on mitumba clothes, saying that the second-hand garments have choked Africa’s textile industry.

“I think has time when we can also produce clothes and textiles which are affordable. It is also an industry that is capable of creating many jobs within the region,” said Nancy Abisau, EALC chairperson.

With a large industry formed on mitumba, some raised concern about how the ban would affect traders and importers.   

“We don’t need to be worried about whether jobs will be there or not. It is just taking it back,” explained Abisau.

She added that with the growth of the local textile industry, the traders will have even more business opportunities.

But this news shouldn’t send you running to your “1st Camera” supplier just yet – the ban is expected to take place in 2018.

Nonetheless, the news has, however, elicited a negative response from some mitumba lovers.


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