Why Ugandans on Twitter are furious with Talib Kweli

Before you make a comment on social media about an East African nation, think twice because you could find yourself in a Twitter storm.

This is a lesson that American rapper, Talib Kweli, learnt the hard way after his comment about gays in Uganda sparked a tweef.

Responding to a tweeter who linked FGM practices to Islam in Somalia, Kweli said that “Christian LRA rebels massacred gays in Uganda”.

The rapper based his argument on a publication written by Dorothy Anderson titled  Uganda Lord Resistance Army: Kill all gays.

Ugandans on Twitter were not too amused with Kweli’s remarks with many accusing him of being heavily misinformed about the state of affairs on the continent.

Bwesigye tweeted, “The irony in the Talib Kweli backlash is that we are not saying that Uganda is gay- tolerant.

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