Why traffic police officer bit man in the neck – VIDEO

Police in Tanzania claim a motorist, who was beaten up by two traffic officers in Songwe area, had defied orders and verbally abused one of them.

A viral video, which captured the January 12 incident, shows two traffic cops descending on the motorist, identified as Mawazo Jairos, with kicks and blows. The one-minute video clip shows one of the officers biting Jairos, 29, in the neck.

Speaking to Clouds TV, Songwe interim police commander Yusuph Sarungi said the incident took place last Saturday at 8:30am at Transforma area.

According to Sarungi, Jairos had declined to have his vehicle, a Mitsubishi Fuso, inspected; and when he was implored to let the officers do their work, “he became violent”.

Sarungi says the suspect was arrested and was, on Monday, charged with defying and causing bodily harm to a police officer.




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