Why top Tanzanian singer Ommy Dimpoz was thrown into a US jail

Tanzanian Bongo Flava star Ommy Dimpoz has revealed that he was recently thrown into a United States cell during his tour of the country after performing in a show which he wasn’t allowed to by law.

Speaking to Bongo5, Ommy said the ordeal shook him to the core, adding he did not in his wildest imaginations foresee being behind bars.

“I never for once thought in my life I’ll be thrown into a police cell. I indeed slept in the US cell and even put on the orange overalls; just the same way prisoners are dressed in the Prison Break film,” said the singer.

“The problem was attending a show and performing in it; my visa only allowed me to tour the state I was in (Minnesota); and not to perform at a show. The document was consequently revoked. Authorities in the US look at the purpose of your visit in the country. They asked me to go change my visa; but not until I had spent the night in the cell,” recounted the 28-year-old.

“I was handcuffed and ordered to enter the police patrol car. We arrived at the cell where I was told to change my outfit into the cell attire. My photograph was also taken. In the morning the policemen manning the cell knocked on our doors and asked us to go take our breakfast. Until this day, I do not believe I spent a night in police custody.”

Contrary to what many might think – that his ‘crime’ was prosecutable; no, it was manageable.

“It wasn’t a big issue; spending the night in the cells was just a formality; it wasn’t because I had engaged in criminal activity,” said the Afrobeat artiste.

Ommy said the United States cells are comfortable and clean and that he would not mind spending several months in the facilities.

“I could not have minded staying in the US cells up to this date. They are very comfortable and the environment over there is not as tense as in cells over here (Tanzania).”

Ommy disclosed why it has taken time for him to share about his experience.

“The incident really troubled my mind around that time. I also found out that the story had been blown out of proportion in Tanzania. I deemed it wise not talk about it because if I had, it would have continued being the agenda.”

He added it took him time to confide in his manager.

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