Why top Naija actress Tonto Dikeh accused husband of violence, infecting her with STIs

After creating a social media storm for accusing her husband of infecting her with sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) and battery, top Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh has revealed the motivation for her controversial revelation.

Dikeh – who on in a March 8 interview with Mediaroomhubopened up about the dissolution of her marriage to Churchill Olakunle Oladunni – has come out to refute claims that she was out to sully her ex-hubby’s name.

In an emotional social media post, the feted actress said she decided to speak out as she felt it was her Christian duty to share her experience as it would help others.

“Our Christian faith encourages us to use the gifts given to us by God for the benefit of others. I also have come to learn and realise that God allows us to experience things so that in the long run we can help others avoid or survive similar experiences. It is for this reason that I shared my horrible experiences of wife battery, perhaps I might help someone; if I only succeed in helping one person, it would have been well worth it,” she explained.

The actress went on to state that she is using her celebrity status to speak out against domestic violence.

“Domestic violence is a scourge in the world… l/we must create the awareness of the wrongness of this act, with a view of solving this problem permanently. I don’t take for granted that God has made me a voice. He has blessed me with means & a celebrity status,” the feted actress said.

Dikeh’s accusations stirred a spirited debate online, with sections claiming that the whole thing was a sham.

Responding to these criticisms, Dikeh posted an image of a bruised ribcage – an image allegedly taken after her husband hit her.

“I would like to state for the avoidance of doubt, that everything I have shared is true. I went through those experiences and to the glory of God, I survived and I am a better person today. I would like to inform my antagonists that I have no problem with fighting back, I have said the truth and I have pictures and videos to back my story. I will not hesitate to use them to vindicate myself,” she argued.

Dikeh and Oladunni broke up in January, 2017.

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  • Patriot

    What kind of a person destroys her own life to build another person’s? By exposing your family online, this is exactly what you are doing! Don’t you have parents? What about your pastors if really you are born again? Or don’t you have elders in your village? You are talking but your husband is maintaining silence, perhaps you are the one that really need to examine yourself bcos nothing can happen without an antecedent. What did u do b4 the so called wife battery stated if at all there’s any truth in that? Did you just fold your arms and the man started attacking you? Tonto you talk too much, go and apply wisdom to save your marriage instead of delighting in bringing down your husband.
    Anyway, no surprises​, history has confirmed that from Eve the first woman, to Delilah, to you Tontoh Dikey, no matter how much they claim to love their men, women always have this propensity to bring down their men and destroy them without any conscience. This is what you are doing now

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