Why The Game thinks Kim Kardashian will win US presidential election should she run

American rapper The Game thinks socialite Kim Kardashian should run for president in 2020.

TMZ pulled up on The Game outside of Catch in West Hollywood where he gave his hot take on politics.

The rapper was asked about Kim Kardashian’s recent actions towards prison reform for women and Game said that she has a good chance of winning the [presidential] election simply based on her reach as a celebrity.

“I say that Kim K runnin’ for president… Kim K for president.” He said, “Hillary ain’t make it. She ain’t know how to get the 16-year-olds to wear her sister lip gloss. Kim figured it out,” said the Game.

“You know how many 18-year-olds, like fresh 18-year-old Caucasian women, there are in America? You know how many of them have Kylie’s lipgloss? You know how many of them will go vote if Kylie tweets, ‘Vote for my sister’?” posed The Game, adding: “Then we ain’t talkin’ bout s**t. Kim K for president.”

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