Why Senator Wetangula is furious at Koffi Olomide’s deportation from Kenya


Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula has lashed out at the Government for deporting Congolese musician Koffi Olomide to Kinshasa, where he has reportedly been jailed for three months over an assault case.

Speaking in the Senate Tuesday evening, Wetangula argued that there was sufficient evidence to prosecute the Lingala maestro in Kenya – even though there was no complainant in the case.

“There was a Kenyan woman standing there (JKIA arrival) saying: sasa wanapigana wenyewe kwa wenyewe (the compatriots are fighting among themselves)? So the complainant did not have to say that she was beaten. She was seen being beaten, and there were witnesses. It is a failure on the part of the Republic of Kenya to deport a criminal instead of prosecuting him when we have enough laws to prosecute him,” said Wetangula.

Tharaka Nithi Senator Kithure Kindiki, however, differed with Wetangula, maintaining that the Government of Kenya made the right decision to deport Koffi as detaining him in the country without a complainant would be inconsistent with the law.

“We found that it would be untenable to host Mr Olomide in this country after what he did because the complainant refused to give evidence and started saying how Koffi Olomide loves her,” Mr Kindiki said.

Pamela – the dancer who was allegedly assaulted by Koffi – came out on Friday, July 22nd, the day of the incident, to deny claims that she was kicked by the musician, despite the action being captured on camera.

Additionally, she did not record a statement with authorities.

“Dear fans of Koffi Olomide, I would like to tell you that Koffi did not attack me, it was a girl at the airport that was threatening me and Koffi came to defend me…Koffi can never beat us in public, and we all know that Koffi loves his dancers and he can never do something like that,” said Pamela in a video shared on Koffi Olomide’s Facebook page Friday.

She added: “For your information, Koffi does not beat us. For all those who love Koffi, I want to tell you that Koffi is not someone who is aggressive… he loves us very much and it’s just a girl who came and started attacking us. As far as we are concerned, we don’t have any problem. We came for a concert. We are in good terms with Koffi. He is our president and he never harms us.”

Despite Pamela denying that she was assaulted, authorities from the JKIA criminal directorate went ahead to arrest Koffi Friday night after he appeared for an interview on Citizen Television.

In the interview, Koffi said he was defending Pamela and other dancers from an alleged pick pocket.

Following a public outcry, Kenyan authorities deported the 60-year-old singer to the DR Congo on Saturday, where he was jeered after he touched down at the N’Djili Airport.

Koffi Olomide’s woes continued as he was Tuesday taken into custody in the DR Congo, the BBC reported.

He has allegedly been jailed for three months without a fine option.

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