Why Ringtone wants Gospel DJs not to play Stivo Simple Boy songs

Fast rising Kibera singer Stivo Simple Boy’s star may be getting brighter and brighter by the day but not everyone is happy with his songs.

Controversial singer Ringtone has recently come out to urge Gospel deejays not to play Stivo’s latest track ‘I lift you higher’, accusing the newcomer of trying to fix himself into their industry.

According to Ringtone, Stivo Simple Boy’s case could turn out to be like that of Willy Paul; whom he has since branded “a shame to the gospel industry” due to his many controversies and collaborations with secular artists.

The ‘Natafuta bibi’ singer however urged his ‘Mihadarati’ counterpart to first declare his musical stand; upon which his music will only be played by Gospel musicians if that is the side he decides to lean on.

“Gospel DJ’s and Gospel presenters, as the Gospel chairman, we will not make the same mistake like what we did with Willy Paul, he has embarrassed the gospel industry…Stivo Simple Boy should not be on your playlist.”

“My friend if you want to sing Gospel music you do not start by releasing Gospel songs, start by declaring if you support Gospel. If you are born again, which church you go to?”

‘I lift you higher’ featuring Scheneider Shanny is Stivo Simple Boy’s second release after the 2017 track ‘Mihadarati’ which however only went viral this year.

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