Why Rihanna and Beyonce’s “sold-out” concerts were half-empty


Contemptible ticket touts are to blame for the poor attendance of Beyonce and Rihanna’s Wembley gigs despite both shows being sold-out.

According The Daily Mirror, touts bought thousands of tickets for the gigs – Rihanna on June 24; and Beyonce over the weekend. Some tickets were sold at extremely inflated prices while hundreds were left unsold.

Half the venue’s seats were reportedly empty as the position of the speakers would have hampered guests’ views of the stage. However, that doesn’t account for half of the 90,000 capacity-stadium being empty.

Mumford & Sons manager Adam Tudhope shared his opinion on ticket touts to the Daily Mirror: “We work hard to make the face value of the ticket as accessible to as many of the fans as possible. So there’s nothing worse for the band playing a ‘sold-out’ show than looking out at empty seats because touts bought the tickets and tried to sell them on secondary sites at massively inflated prices.”


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