Why posting your relationship on social media could leave a bad taste in your mouth

With the emergence of social media, the flu seems to last longer than most of these ‘online relationships’. People are always posting photos of their significant others talking about, “My better half” or “My reason for living/breathing” with random strangers commenting ‘Goals’ on said photos. Is it your goal to hug someone? Smh.

There’s the obvious joy and rush one gets when your partner/partners (for those yet to decide who their main is) uploads a photo of you or of the two of you. It is more or less a declaration to the whole world that you are theirs and they are yours.

However, there is a downside to this. Here are a few reasons not to parade your relationship on social media.

Breaking up with your partner(s)

Imagine dating four people in a year and under each ‘soul mate’, you leave the heartfelt ‘My heart’ captions. How many hearts do you have? Every time you break up, you rush to delete the posts shamefully stating that you are doing you and you don’t want the ‘toxic relationships’. You knew about the said toxic behaviour and you still claimed to love them, no? Others even go to the extent of photo shopping out their exes from their photos.

Bae shoppers/watchers

There are a few people out there, who unashamedly poach your partner. They start by liking your photos then moving on to his/her account and eventually into the famed DM. Here, they hold nothing back and before you know it, they are chatting and meeting up with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Cheating partners

You might think you are the only person in the picture only to find out that you are just on a long list of ‘baes’. You are genuinely posting their photos because you love them but other potential baes or side dishes are pitying you.

External pressure

Once you get into the habit of frequently displaying your relationship, you end up falling into your own trap of having to depict a picture perfect relationship. This can prove to be a problem, as you have to continuously lie to the world about how amazing you are doing.

It is none of any one’s business

It is said, ‘Find bae and enjoy your relationship in peace’. Do not subject yourself to negativity and people’s opinion even when you have not asked for it or care about it. People will always have an opinion on what you are doing wrong but rarely about what you are doing right.

This does not mean however that you feel ashamed of posting their photos. Just do it with moderation because only you know what is really going on in your relationship.

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