Why other Women Reps and I threatened to strip in front of CS Rotich – Ann Nyokabi

Kiambu County Women Representative, Ann Nyokabi Gatheca, on Tuesday, April 4, evening stunned Witeithie residents when she publicly narrated how she and other 46 Women Reps threatened to undress if they were not allocated development kitty by the National Treasury.

Speaking at Witeithie in Juja Sub-County, where she had gone to issue cheque worth Ksh 3.7 million from her development kitty to various groups, the MP said they got the kitty after threatening to undress before National Treasury Cabinet Secretary, Henry Rotich, and the Chairman of Parliamentary Budget Committee Chairman, Rev. Mutava Musyimi.

Nyokabi said they opted for the move after being treated like school children who were only supposed to participate in Parliamentary debates. After deliberation they decided to fight for their “rights” using all available mechanisms.

They argued that they had been elected to safeguard the interest of youth, women and people living with disability, work that could not be done without a kitty.

“These responsibilities cannot be done using one’s salary,” said the Women Rep.

She said they went to Rev. Musyimi and demanded to be included in the budget allocation of 2015/16. When Musyimi exhibited hesitance, the Women Reps threatened to undress before him in the presence of the press.

“Musyimi, who is a Reverend, pleaded with us not to do that, saying he would ensure Women Reps are included in the budget – and that was done.”

Nyokabi further said the National Treasury, under CS Henry Rotich’s leadership, delayed in implementing the financial calling.

“We went to Rotich since he is a man like Mutava and threatened to undress before him after inviting the media. The CS gave out the money,” said Nyokabi.

“If you think our problems ended here you are wrong, the civil society went to court to block the money. However Judge Odunga finally gave us an order to have our way,” she said.

She said each Woman Rep got a kitty of Ksh 7 million.

“If you look around, you can feel the impact of the KSh7 million each of the 47 Women Reps was allocated for development, as compared to millions of shillings located to MPs through CDF,” said Nyokabi.

Nyokabi said the kitty has sponsored 1400 needy students to go to Secondary school in Kiambu.

She said the fund has also put up 61 special needs school. She said the schools have been fully equipped with learning facilities.

She said the Kiambu County is need of over 100 special needs schools.

“This is why I am urging you to re-elect me so that i can complete the work I have started  barely one year ago. If you let another person she will come with her own programme that will bring confusion,” she said. In order to benefit from the grant the MP asked the residents to register their group and open bank Account.

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