Why Octopizzo, Kenyans are furious with American singer Madonna

Kenyan rapper,Octopizzo is not impressed with Madonna’s Instagram post about Kibera. A majority of Kenyans have, likewise, found the post shared by the Pop singer to be offensive.

Madonna – who is currently on a charity mission to Kenya – posted a photo of heavily polluted sewer in Kibera to her commanding 7.4 million followers and captioned the picture: “Imagine this is where your water comes from…Africa’s largest slum.”

Kenyans in their numbers teamed up in social media to put up a spirited defense of their country, with the predominant argument being: “The photo taken at Kibera is not representative of the whole of Kenya, and that citizens in the country drink clean water.”

Octopizzo, who is currently in Geneva, Switzerland, was among the first Kenyans to take issue with Madonna’s post on gram:

“Madonna came to Kenya and said we drink water from mtaro (sewer). Let me school you (Madonna) for a minute. It is okay you want to fund raise. Intelligence arouses fear and respect. The lack of it keeps one on the narrow-minded road of disrespect, stupidity and inferiority complex. But next time, do your research before you disrespect a whole community like that. I wish I was there to tell it to you on your face.”

Other Kenyans took to the Hung Up artiste’s social media timeline to continue a tirade that spilled to over 1000 comments.

Amoni Adek: Madonna, do your research well and stop posting lies about Kibera.

Puro Precious: Madonna, this is the only thing you saw in Kenya… How about the good parts? SMH.

Nick Canali: Madonna, did you see people fetching water from there (Nairobi River)? There is a lot of clean water people from Kibera drink. Do your research well.

Alaine Virgina: Really, Madonna? That is just a river. Did anyone tell you they drink from there? No one in their right mind would drink that. Please, why do people love to show the negative sides of everything? In Kibera there are water pipes.

Don Muira: Great that you met our First Lady. How about some real pictures of Nairobi, the skyline, the smartly dressed people, maybe even your hotel room, the smiling members of staff, the airport experience? You have disappointed most Kenyans Madonna, including myself… Maybe you need to conform to what the world wants to hear… Africa! They live in slums! With all due respect, this is not true. It is an open sewer. Their water comes from a communal fetching point supplied by the Nairobi Water Company.

Eric Kiprotich: Did you come to Kenya to show the world how ‘poor’ we are, or what? Just go back!

Mendy Mariam: Kenya is such a beautiful country. Why portray us that way to the rest of the world.

Shan Esperanza: Who draws water from that sewer? Why do you lie? We Kenyans have never seen any slum dweller draw water from sewer trenches. Next time be factual. I would have appreciated if you highlighted how the slum sewer system is pathetic. But to say that is a water source is absolute falsehood!

Well, maybe Madonna just meant well – and wanted to assist where she can.

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