Former TV anchor Karen Karimi to relocate to the Middle East


Former K24 news anchor, Karen Karimi, who resigned from the Mediamax Network Ltd station in March, 2017, has revealed that she left the station because she had plans of relocating to the Middle East, where her fiancé lives.

Speaking to eDaily, Karen Karimi said “leaving K24 TV was not easy”.

“I am glad my then-colleagues and bosses at Mediamax supported my decision to leave the station for greater things. I was not moving to another TV station. I have plans of fully relocating to the Middle East in a few months’ time,” said Karen Karimi.

The ex-TV presenter says she, for now, won’t disclose her new career venture “until I am fully settled”.

Karen Karimi says she and her fiancé jointly made the decision that the ex-news anchor would relocate to the Middle East.

“My husband-to-be is a pilot, who works for a Middle East airline. On my relocation to the Middle East, it is a decision we both made,” she said.

Karen Karimi’s partner engaged her in October, 2016; and had planned to get hitched before August, 2017. But, she now says, the plans have since changed.

“Harusi tunayo (Wedding plan is in on course). I am happy and nervous at the same time. My fiancé and I decided to push the wedding till after the August 8 general election, (when the political temperature would have come down). I am still deliberating which month to hold the wedding. I am mostly in the Middle East and Kenya; back to back.”

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