Why Mobetto chased away journalists from her shop

Tanzanian video vixen Hamisa Mobetto on Monday chased away journalists, who showed up at her Dar es Salaam boutique unannounced.

According to the journalists, who work for Dizzim Online, the mother-of-two drove them away because she was not wearing any make up at the time; and that she feared upsetting her customers.

“No, no, no! Let us respect each other. I am serious. Switch off the camera. I won’t grant you an interview. Even if you come ten people, I won’t! I have customers, who are uncomfortable with cameras around. Respect them,” Ms Mobetto told the journalists.

The video vixen accuses entertainment journalists of, often, infringing on her right to privacy.

After chasing away the media people, Ms Mobetto locked the doors to her boutique.

Dizzim Online journalists say they wanted to interview Ms Mobetto about her new music track.

The controversial model has been hogging media headlines of late, with a section of entertainment outlets claiming she is striving hard to salvage her heavily-opposed relationship with musician Diamond Platnumz.

Ms Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz have a son together. The child turns one in August this year.

Diamond Platnumz’s family says they do not approve of Ms Mobetto as a potential wife to Diamond, and that they want Zari Hassan to occupy that position.







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