WACERA: Why are millennials shunning marriages?


When you mention marriage to many young people today, the first thing (and probably only) thing they think about is wedding ceremonies. Our idea of marriage today has become so warped that we view it as a sort of burden with many people claiming that being with one person for the rest of your life is unnatural. I mean REALLY?

Let’s even put marriage aside and dive into the murky waters of dating. Dating has become such an uphill task that being with someone for more than a year (let alone a lifetime) feels like the biggest accomplishment of your life. How did our ancestors survive? How did they surge deeper into the union, loving each other thus far ? This, to millennials, is a completely alien reality.

Today, divorce has become more common than the common cold. (See what I did there?) I do not understand why people even get married today if they are going to treat their marriages like your kindergarten graduation.

I had a discussion with my friends and of them (who is a guy) was of the opinion that he was going to get married for children. I was dumbstruck and I felt sorry for all the ladies out there. I mean, come on. Imagine your wife/husband marries you because they cannot live without you and you marry them for their reproductive services? So sad.

Others decide that the ‘come we stay’ kind of marriage is the best for them because I mean, we were not really married, so we do not have to deal with the whole divorce thing. Plus I am not ready to get married so no harm no foul, no?

I am a traditional kind of person so I believe marriage is a sanctuary which deserves all the respect. I do not believe in divorce, hence the words, “Till death do us part”. If you do not plan on sticking forever, please indicate that in your vows so that I can stay ready. Go with, “Till I decide otherwise” or something like that. Make it easy for all the parties involved.

I mean, people, come on. Wake up and drink the coffee. If you do not intend on being with someone for the right reasons, please leave the poor soul alone, okay? Otherwise, man up and be responsible.

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