Why men are intimidated by successful women

It has been said over and over before that men love women who are successful, ambitious and smart. But why do these women still struggle with finding love?

According to ‘The Love Gap’ by Jenna Birch, men do not feel comfortable making a lifetime commitment if they cannot be able to provide for a family. And yet these are the very men who will ramble on and on about how they want powerful and successful women in their lives.

In day and this age of feminism and women fighting for equality in the workplaces and society, women are now more successful, smart and ready to fight for their fair share in the society’s piece of the proverbial cake.

However, when these women show their intelligence and wit on dates and/or relationships, the men cower down and feel emasculated. They always give excuses like “I am not looking for a girlfriend right now” or “I am not looking for anything serious.”

According to Jenna Birch, there is what is called a “psychological gap” between a man and a woman and this gap widens when a woman is more successful than a man.

This gap manifests itself when a man and a woman in a relationship start competing over who is more intelligent than the other; which means men seem to want to be higher in status than women in relationships.

Ladies, do not fall for the hullabaloo! Men do not really want women who are more successful than they. As much as a man might say, “I am supportive of my woman and I do not have a problem with her earning more than I do,” they are easily intimidated and feel worthless when they cannot be able to provide as much as the woman.

Most successful women are becoming more and more aware of this fact and have accepted their fates. And, for some, marriage is not even a priority anymore… being successful is.

It is as simple as this: Men who know what they want to be and where they want to go career wise, regardless of whether they are financially capable or not, are more inclined to be committed to a long-term relationship with any woman.

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