Why Madtraxx parked his Benz outside a chapo dondo kibanda

It’s no news that Kansoul members Madtraxx and Mejja grew up on different sides of the tracks.

In a 2015 interview with Citizen Digital, Mejja revealed that before he made it big in the industry, he sold groundnuts in Narumoru to make ends meet. Despite this background, he is now a close friend and partner of uptown music genius Madtraxx.

Just how did this come to be?

“I first met Madtraxx in 2007; we were meant to do a remix for his track Boda Boda. That’s how we became friends,” Mejja explained.  “When people first meet him, they are often intimidated [because of his background], but he’s a true friend.”

“I was the first person to buy him chapo ndodo  from a roadside kibanda. He parked his Benz and we ate together. In return, he was the first person to buy me a hotdog. He didn’t judge where I was from and I didn’t judge him either,” Mejja went on to say in an exclusive 10 Over Ten interview.

On his part, Madtraxx said that the bond Kansoul members have is cemented by friendship and the successes that they have seen in their collabos.

Want to get the full story? Watch the full interview here below:


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