Why Kizza Besigye is cooking own meals at maximum prison


Ugandan Opposition Chief Dr. Kizza Besigye has been allowed to cook his own meals after he reported a health condition that he says does not allow him to consume meals prepared at the Luzira Prison kitchen, reports Ugandan media.

Winnie Byanyima – the wife to jailed Besigye – confirmed the development. Dr. Besigye has reportedly lamented about plans by ‘enemies’ to end his life.

According to Uganda prisons spokesperson Frank Baine, Dr. Besigye was granted permission to make his own meals after he presented his request to the department.

Baine adds that an arrangement has been made to have Besigye’s family bring him uncooked food which he will then prepare with other inmates.

According to Dr Besigye’s wife, the opposition leader’s health should not be taken lightly; saying her husband has ‘enemies’ who are ready to kill him.

Winnie believes taking uncooked food to her imprisoned husband is the only way to keep him out of harm.

“We take every precaution that we can and I have to say here that I was encouraged by the prisons officials who seem to be acting more professionally than the police and the judiciary,” Byanyima told NTV Uganda.

She added: “They allowed him and three other prisoners to cook their food and eat together. So we are bringing raw food and he is able to cook with them and eat their own food.”

“He (Besigye) has also asked for a small wardrobe to keep his items and they are making one for him. He has been allowed to watch a small television and I have asked whether he can have his short wave radio. They have agreed and I will bring it to him tomorrow. He is wearing the yellow prison uniform, and he is comfortable,” said Byanyima.

Besigye faces treason charges at Luzira prison.

Moroto Chief Magistrate, Charles Yeteise, on Monday afternoon granted the State permission to transfer Dr. Kizza Besigye from Moroto to Luzira Prisons.

The court also transferred Besigye’s file to the Chief Registrar for re-allocation to another court.

The application presented by Moroto Resident State Attorney, Gerald Amaro, was based on four grounds: That the state had intelligence information that some dissidents planned an attack on the Moroto Prison to take away Besigye; and that the offences against Besigye were committed between Kampala and Wakiso, so he needed to be in a court near the witnesses in the matter.

Other reasons were that more accused persons to be joined on Besigye’s file live in Kampala and Wakiso districts; and that Besigye being a former presidential candidate deserved to be remanded in a prison with better facilities in Luzira.


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