Why Kenyans online are angry at comedian Njugush

Comedian Njugush has rubbed a section of Kenyans online the wrong way after he posted to his Twitter page a satirical video showing him coercing a woman to go with him to his house after watching a film at the theatre.

Though, the video was one of his many comedy productions, Kenyans online felt he joked with an issue which shouldn’t be made fun of – coercion and ‘rape’.

Upon receiving flak online, Njugush deleted the video from his social media pages, but not until a section of online users had stored a copy.

The undated video shot at night, shows Njugush and his wife, Ndinda, role-playing a couple, who have gone out for a film date, and when time for them to leave for home reaches, Njugush insists that the woman must go home with him because he had “invested his resources on her”, and, therefore, his needs “must be met”.

Below is a transcript of their conversation – in the video:

Njugush: I took you out. And now you want to leave without going with me to my place. That has been happening. Today, it won’t happen.

Lady: What do you want me to do?

Njugush: Let us go to my house; I am not living far from here; actually, I stay at Ruiru.

Lady: What would you expect me to do, thereafter?

Njugush: I don’t know. You should have inquired before we went for the movie date.

Lady: If that’s the case, take your movie ticket.

Njugush: If I am not going home with you, can you unsee [sic] what you saw [at the theatre].

Lady: Then never call to ask me to go out with you.

Njugush: And you shouldn’t be accepting date invites [if you never want us to have a private time]. You should make it clear before accepting an invite out.

Lady: I will scream [for help].

Njugush: Let’s go home, we have to go home [Pushes and pulls her].

It is the nature of that conversation that has left a section of online users angry at the humorist.

Below are a few sampled reactions from Twitter:

Kari Kì @Sheilakari: I love Njugush; and I watch all his videos, but that one from last night is a big no.  He showed how much he doesn’t understand consent to his huge following, which is so sad.

WhosThatChic‏ @MissNerima: Njugush, wow! Congratulations on dropping off your funny pedestal right into the trash heap. How is date rape an issue to be made fun of? That was ignorant and callous of you.

Iče Queen‏ @_Marsha_k: Njugush deleted the video because he knew it was wrong. What’s disappointing is the fact that he even tried to justify it before.  Njugush is my favourite comedian, but hapo he hit below the belt.

King @MzansiMaasai: Expecting someone to go home with you because you spent money on them is rape culture. Njugush is a public figure. Of course it’s acting. Him acting this and displaying to the public as something acceptable makes it even worse.

DTB @SirDickens_: Njugush amejichomea picha. Comedians must learn how far they can go. It was Eric Omondi with naked kids the other day and now @BlessedNjugush with a rape video.

However, not all online users were offended by Njugush’s video; some interpreted it as a lesson that Kenyans can learn from.

Bravin (@ItsBravin) said: You all should cut Njugush some slack. I see nothing wrong in that video. He was simply telling the story of what literally happens. You all are saying he’s promoting rape. How is that promoting of rape? Actually, it’s more of awareness. You should all get a life.

Njugush has since apologised for uploading the video to his social media pages.



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