Why Kanye West paid wife Kim Kardashian Ksh100 million

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian was paid $1 million (Ksh100 million) by her husband, musician Kanye West, in a bid to stop her from promoting a rival brand.

Kardashian revealed how West asked her to turn down a lucrative offer from an unnamed fashion brand and gave her the large sum as a ‘thank you’.

Speaking to Ashley Graham during her new podcast Pretty Big Deal, Kardashian explained: “He’s like the cutest.

“A brand offered me a million dollars to do a post on some of their clothing and they typically – I don’t want to say who the brand is – but they typically knock off Yeezy.”

She added: “Mother’s Day was, like, the next week. Mother’s Day comes and he happened to be recording out of town and I get my flowers and then I get an envelope delivered to the door.

“I opened the envelope and it was a million dollar check with a note saying thank you for always supporting me and not posting.

“In the rest of the envelope, it was a contract to be an owner of Yeezy – to have my percentage. And that was my Mother’s Day present.”

Kardashian and West tied the knot in 2014.


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