Why I don’t want to put a ring on Jaydee’s finger yet, singer’s boyfriend reveals

Lady Jaydee’s boyfriend Spicy has debunked rumours that he recently tied the knot with the Tanzanian songstress after photos showing the pair on alleged honeymoon surfaced online.

Sections questioned why either Spicy or Jaydee had not worn their wedding ring in the pictures.

Spicy in a recent interview with Tanzania’s East Africa Radio revealed why he has not yet put a ring on Lady Jaydee’s finger, and why that won’t happen very soon.

“The ring is coming after the engagement and the wedding; we don’t start with the ring….,” he said on East Africa Radio’s Planet Bongo Show.

Spicy is a Nigerian artiste.

In a Friday interview with Bongo5.com, Spicy revealed that he met Lady Jaydee a few months ago and fell in love with her.

The two met at a music concert, which they were slated to perform as acts.

Spicy categorically said, contrary to earlier reports, he and Jaydee are not officially married.

“So far, everything is good. Yes, we do have different interests at times, but we sit down and address them; and solve our differences, if they arise.”

Jaydee is known to be highly secretive and rarely opens up about her personal life. But on her relationship with Spicy, she did. Why?

“He is in the same industry as I. So, at the end of the day, it would be very difficult for us to hide – from the public – the love that we share. However, the deep issues in our relationship will remain a top secret to just the two of us. It is not a must for everyone to know. Now that the public knows that Spicy and I are dating, I think that is just enough. More than that, I don’t think I have much to say; but urge the public to enjoy my music and that of Spicy,” said Lady Jaydee.

Spicy says Tanzanians have received him warmly.

The couple has a song together titled Together.

In March, 2016 reports were rife that Lady Jaydee had found new love, just a few days after she was granted divorce from her then-husband Gardner G. Habash by a Manzese, Sinza court in Dar es Saalam, Tanzania; and that the new couple was in the process of making wedding arrangements.

However, many did not know who the lucky man in Lady Jaydee’s life was.

Finally, Jaydee has put the speculations to rest: the man is Spicy!



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