Why Hillary Clinton lost out to Donald Trump: Kenyan Women Rep

Meru County Women Representative Florence Kajuju believes Democrat Hillary Clinton lost out to Republican Donald Trump in the US presidential election 2016 because Trump’s agenda resonated more with the American people than Clinton’s.

Ms Kajuju has debunked a school of thought held by sections that Clinton lost out to Trump because she is a woman.

“I don’t think and I don’t want to believe that Clinton being a woman played a role in her loss. I think the American people believed the message that was being passed on by Trump. They sort of thought that Hillary might not be able to fulfill the agenda that she set. But it is their choice. I just want to believe that Trump would be a President that the Americans really opt for. I can only pray for them,” Florence Kajuju told eDaily on Thursday, November 10.

“I watched Trump yesterday (Wednesday, November 9) give his speech after the win. He sounded a bit different from the Trump I knew; three hundred and sixty degrees from the previous Trump. I want to pray that he is going to take a different route from the Trump that we saw during the campaigns: the threats, the intimidations, the harassment of women; of immigrants; of Mexicans and everybody else. I have seen many world leaders congratulating Donald Trump. I want to believe that they also know what they are doing. So let us wait and see – a Trump win is ‘let’s wait and see,’” she said.

Donald Trump floored Hillary Clinton after garnering more than the needed 270 electoral votes to win the presidency; as at 12 noon (EAT) Wednesday, Republican Donald Trump had bagged 289 Electoral College votes.


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