Why government official was buried with KSh5.7 million cash; wife caught stashing another KSh5.2 million inside coffin


A Ugandan government official was buried with USh200 million (KSh5.7 million) to bribe God to forgive him his earthly sins on judgment day, reports Monitor.co.ug.

Charles Obong, 52, who worked as a senior personnel officer in the ministry of Public Service from 2006 to 2016, reportedly wanted to use the cash to redeem his soul before God, adds the outlet.

Obong, who died on December 17, 2016, was buried at his ancestral home at Adag-ani Village in Lira District on Christmas Eve.

Obong died after a long illness.

He was buried in a metallic coffin estimated to have cost USh20m (KSh573, 000).

According to David Elic, Aromo Sub-county chairman, the deceased, who was his brother-in-law, had left a Will, saying upon his death, his wife Margaret Obong should deposit huge sums of money in his coffin.

Obong planned to offer the money to God to forgive him his sins, which he committed while alive, observing he did not want to be burnt in hell.

He reportedly also instructed his brother Justin Ngole and sister Hellen Aber to bear witness to ensure his wife follows his directive.

Obong’s relatives, however, said his Will did not mention anything about his sins.

Obong’s Will was, nonetheless, violated as his body was exhumed last Saturday and the money retrieved from the grave.

Obong’s clan members forced his wife to reveal everything during a heated meeting at the home of the deceased’s father, Meceli Ogwal, last Saturday.

Obong’s wife reportedly confessed that her husband had told her to bury him with huge sums of cash, which he would carry to heaven to offer God on the Day of Judgment.

Mrs Obong, however, declined to reveal the exact amount of money her husband asked he be buried along with.

Mrs Obong, who works at Entebbe Airport as a principal immigration officer, had hired funeral services from Kampala to open up the grave to put in more money.

She revealed she had in her possession another USh180 (KSh5.2 million), which she intended to stash in the coffin.

During the Saturday meeting, Okii of Okabo clan chief, Mike Gulu, ordered the exhumation of the body forthwith.

And when the clan members started exhuming the deceased’s body, Ms Obong refused to hand over the Shs180 million (KSh5.2 million) top-up and reportedly sped off in her car towards Lira Town.

Joel Agel Awio, a Reverend, who spoke to the Monitor regarding Obong’s conviction, said no amount of money can buy eternal life, saying God cannot be bribed by any amount of money.

Dila Maxwell, the officer in charge of Aromo Police Post, said the widow admitted to having placed the money and clothes the deceased loved in the coffin.

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