Why Eric Omondi has condemned gospel star Bahati

Comedian Eric Omondi has given his nuggets of ‘wisdom’ to gospel singer Bahati, urging him to stop exposing his ministry counterparts negatively with an aim of making himself look like the ‘clean’ one.

In a recent Instagram post which the Hawayuni comic shared on his handle, but later deleted, Omondi advised Bahati to embrace the spirit of dialogue and not public humiliation of his gospel colleagues.

Eric Omondi’s gripe was triggered by Bahati’s claims that Daddy Owen had not paid Denno a portion of the proceeds gotten from the gospel hit Mbona; which was a creation of Owen and Denno.


Bahati indicated Daddy Owen owes Denno Ksh1 million, and that could be the reason Denno lives from hand to mouth.

It is these claims by Bahati which made Erico to chip in and offer his words of ‘wisdom’ to the Barua singer before things get out of hand in the ministry – an industry which over the years has been marred by a myriad of controversies.

“Dear Bahati, when you get to the top by pulling your brothers down, then yours will be a free fall. You can only make your face brighter by staying in God’s presence like Moses did; you cannot make your candle brighter by putting off your brother’s candle,” read Eric Omondi’s post in part.

Making reference to the time Bahati alleged that Willy Paul stole his music and current allegations that Daddy Owen hasn’t paid Denno; Omondi told Bahati that gospel cannot be spread by use of such mechanisms.

“We cannot build an industry where artists thrive by showing us just how bad others are. We cannot do ministry the same way Mohammed Ali does Jicho Pevu. By seeking what is dirty in our brothers and exposing it to the world. We must go back to the old Christian way that is Biblical,” read the lengthy post.

The funnyman advised Bahati to attempt solving issues with his colleagues privately, before going public.

“Call your brother (Daddy Owen), talk to him in private first. We must get back to God! And begin to avoid sideshows. Ours is a higher calling,” stated Omondi.

Erico also had a word for Dennis – telling him he should appreciate those who thrust him to the limelight.

“And to Deno my brother… sometimes the best we can do is to say thank you to our fathers; to those who give us the platform, bless them and trust God for even greater heights for He alone understands and knows our plight.”

I wasn’t given Ksh1 million by Owen

In an earlier interview, Denno said he was not given Ksh1 million which Rufftone claimed his younger brother Daddy Owen granted him (Denno).

Denno also disclosed that not even a business venture was put up for him by Daddy Owen as was stated in a Facebook post by Rufftone.

“I appreciate Daddy Owen because he helped me penetrate into the music industry. After we released Mbona, things took a downswing. It reached a point where I vowed to give up in music; that was in 2013. That is the time I met Bahati. He asked me why I have not released any other hit. I told him, I record songs, but they are never given ample airtime because of challenges I would not disclose,” Denno told Kiss FM’s Kalekye Mumo and Shaffie Weru.

When Denno was asked if he has been receiving royalties for their celebrated hit Mbona, he said: “I don’t get royalties.”

Rufftone had taken to social media to claim that Denno was given Ksh1 million and a business venture established for him by Daddy Owen.

“I have seen that Bahati’s article on Denno and I think it is sad. Personally I know many could be pointing fingers at Daddy Owen secretly in their hearts but I am a witness to Daddy Owen starting a business for Denno,” reads Rufftone Facebook post in part.

The Mungu Baba hit-maker added he doesn’t know what Denno did with the money and business.

“You all remember Daddy Owen giving Denno one million shillings. So many things could have happened but I think new financial systems and investment programmes should be introduced for artists’ empowerment,” concluded Rufftone.

Denno responded on the negation saying none of the claims by Rufftone are true.

“I am very much saddened when I hear Rufftone saying that I was given Ksh1 million and misused it. I was not given the said Ksh1 million. I don’t know why Rufftone is saying that,” said Denno.

When Daddy Owen was reached for comment, he shied away from discussing the matter.

“I talked to Denno yesterday and agreed to have a meeting with his family. We discussed a few issues. However, the best thing for me is not to comment on what is being rumoured out there. My level in ministry, does not allow me to engage in blame games,” said the Vanity sing.

Denno however says he articulated his feelings, and does not intend to dirty Daddy Owen’s reputation.

“I want to clarify I don’t have ill feelings against anybody; am just expressing myself.”

Denno and Bahati last Sunday released their collabo hit, Story Yangu, which highlights the plight of Denno – his struggles to make amends.

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