Why does he sound bitter? Comedian slams Eric Omondi

Tanzanian comedian Steve Nyerere has slammed Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi, saying that Omondi lacks originality, and is not a gifted rib cracker.

Tanzanian comedian Steve Nyerere [PHOTO/COURTESY]

Tanzanian comedian Steve Nyerere [PHOTO/COURTESY]

Speaking on EATV’s eNewz, Nyerere said he has never seen any outstanding piece of comedy done by Eric Omondi – and that Eric Omondi is only good at reproducing other people’s work and pushing it aggressively on social media.

Nyerere added that he “does not recognise who Eric Omondi is in the field of comedy”.

He has advised the Kenyan comic to embrace originality and go out of his way to produce authentic content, saying once Eric Omondi does that, he (Nyerere) “will recognise him as an artist”.

Comedian Eric Omondi is yet to respond to Nyerere’s remarks.


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