Why Diamond Platnumz sacked bodyguard


Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz sacked his bodyguard Mwarabu Fighter in February this year, after the security man asked for a pay rise.

Mwarabu Fighter, who is currently recovering from a road accident, which resulted in head injuries, says Diamond Platnumz has not called or texted him since he learnt of the incident.

Mwarabu Fighter says he has not received financial help from Diamond or his WCB label.

Other quotas, close to WCB, claim Diamond Platnumz feared Mwarabu Fighter would elope with his partner after rumours in the past suggested that the security man eloped with Harmonize’s Italian girlfriend, Sarah.

Diamond Platnumz, who is currently in the US, has not yet responded to Mwarabu Fighter’s claims.

Mwarabu has been Diamond Platnumz’s bodyguard for five years.


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