Why comedian Klint Da Drunk and wife have called it quits after 10 years in marriage


The 10-year-marriage of top Nigerian stand-up comedian Klint Da Drunk has reportedly ended.

Klint, 45, and his wife, Lilien Igwemba, have amicably terminated their marriage after “irreconcilable” differences rocked their union, Nigerian entertainment outlets say.

Ms Igwemba allegedly moved out of her matrimonial home in May this year, carrying her three children with her.

The comedian’s wife’s decision came just a month after another woman, Sandra Novo Jacob, took to social media to accuse Klint, whose real name is Afamefuna Igwemba, of evading parental responsibilities. The two allegedly have a daughter together.

A source, who spoke to a Nigerian media outlet, said constant fights drove Klint and Lilien, who have known each other since 2007, into “falling out of love”, forcing them to terminate their marriage.

“They [Klint and Lilien] fell apart; and the love was no longer there from both sides. The couple [as a result], couldn’t weather the marriage storm that came their way. Lilien, consequently, moved out of her matrimonial home in Lagos. She rented a new house elsewhere, and started her life afresh. Klint, on the other hand, has moved on with his life,” said the informant.

Neither Klint nor Lilien has formally come out to speak on what led to their break up.

Klint Da Drunk is a popular Nigerian stand-up comedian, who has performed on big stages in Europe; including the UK.

Other nations he has performed in are Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, South Africa, Ghana, Togo, among others.

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