Why Chris Brown’s mother desperately wants Rihanna to get back together with her son


Even though Chris Brown and Rihanna have totally moved on from each other, his mother desperately wishes they’d get back together, reports Hollywood Life.

Brown’s mother hopes that her son and Rihanna will give their romance another go when the time is right.

“As far as Joyce [Hawkins] is concerned, no one holds a candle to Rihanna for Chris. Joyce knows that Rihanna is the true love of Chris’ life and wishes they would have worked out long-term,” a source told HollywoodLife.com

“Rih’s not only one of those few women that you can bring home, she’s one of the few that gets along with mama, go shopping with mama and respects mama and mama’s son. These other girls who Chris has been with in the past have been with him only to use him for his fame, exotic travels and money. What he and Rih had was genuine and Joyce wishes he find that love again and with her.”

Meanwhile, Chris Brown seems to be totally infatuated with his new girlfriend, Krista Santiago, recently sending the model a diamond Rolex watch on her birthday.

Brown even reportedly gifted his Ms Santiago with a key to his lavish abode.

“Rihanna‘s not really involved in Chris’ life much, but to hear he’s got a new girlfriend is cool and she’s genuinely happy for him. It’s the holidays and everyone deserves to be loved now more than ever. She just hopes Chris does right by her, is faithful to her and loves her as he knows how,” a source further told the outlet.

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