Why chaos erupted before Uhuru addressed Thika gathering

Thika Member of Parliament (MP) Alice Ng’ang’a on Wednesday faced hostility in front of President Uhuru Kenyatta, when supporters of her political opponents heckled her barring her from addressing the crowd that had gathered to listen to the President’s speech.

The hecklers, who chanted names of two Parliamentary seat aspirants, said that they want change in Thika adding that they have not experienced any development in the area for the past three years Ng’ang’a has been in office.

“We need change in Thika. We support the President’s re-election but we cannot vote blindly again. We need development in Thika not ego and chest-thumping style of leadership. We want someone who can listen to us,” they said.

Police were forced to intervene and contain the chaos that erupted after supporters of the aspiring aspirants and the incumbent MP clashed before the President addressed the public.

Kenyatta had gone to launch Volkswagen vehicle manufacturing plant in Thika.

Meanwhile, the President distanced his government from the politics of mudslinging, saying his administration is committed to holding a fair general election in 2017.

“They (Opposition) are not interested in development; they only want to make noise. Our goal is to ensure there is unity in Kenya. We won’t waste time responding to insults from people who don’t have progressive agenda. In August next year, Kenyans expect an open and transparent general election. As government, we will ensure that the two (openness and transparency) are observed in the national polls,” Uhuru said.

Uhuru further foreboded a loss for the opposition in 2017 polls following their “ungovernable” behaviour.

“Our colleagues lack agenda that can take the nation forward. They are only good at hurling insults. You saw and heard them abuse (me) yesterday. The kind of madness you saw them exhibit will be their undoing in next year’s national polls. I have said it repeatedly: the eyes of a frog cannot scare a cow from drinking water at a source,” said Uhuru to the applause by Thika residents, who had gathered by the roadside to listen to his address.

“A few people won’t hold others hostage by their threats and abuses. They are not intimidating anyone,” added Uhuru.




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