Why award-winning actor Idris Elba was dumped by his baby mama

Award-winning British actor Idris Elba has hinted at to what possibly caused his split from the mother of his 23-month-old son Winston.

The Luther star told British edition of Esquire magazine that life seems to take an ‘interesting’ turn for the worse when he’s not on set.

Elba hinted that situation surrounding his break-up with his girlfriend of two and a half years, Naiyana Garth, may have been different had he been on a film set at the time.

“Therapy is a good way to cleanse my… When I’m not acting is when my life falls to [expletive],” he told Esquire.

“It’s really interesting. I’m going through this [expletive] now because I’m not on a film set. Had I been on a set I wouldn’t even have noticed. Probably. And not only that. If I did, it would have been all invested in my character.”

“Like now, you see me: as soon as I pick up my phone I sort of unravel, right? Don’t pick up the phone! You get to work, you don’t look at the phone ever,” he said.

In February, 2016 the couple split. At that time, a source told The Sun: “It ended very recently and it’s too soon for her to talk about it. They’ve kept it very quiet so she’s surprised people know already.”

“It’s very sad that this has happened while Idris is experiencing the highest points of his professional career and they can’t celebrate it with each other.”


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