Why Baringo man was baptised with 5,000 litres of hot water

A 94-year-old man from Ossen in Baringo North was on Friday, July 6 baptised with warm water due to cold weather and old age.

The nonagenarian whose name is William Chesang, alias Dr. Kahawa, said he wanted to fulfill a dream – of being baptised – before he dies.

The old man’s daughter, Lillian Ruto, said she was happy that her father’s longtime wish had been fulfilled.

“We requested that my dad be baptised using warm water due to his age. Furthermore, it was cold at the time,” said Ms Ruto.

Reverend Elijah Katya of Ossen AIC church presided over the ceremony.

Reverend Katya says it took church members more than two hours to boil 5,000 litres of water, which was used in the exercise. The water was boiled using firewood, says Reverend Katya.

The water, boiled in metallic containers and sufuria, was poured into a pool, in which Mr Chesang was immersed in to complete the exercise.

Mr Chesang was seen smiling broadly after completion of the exercise.

Ossen AIC church chairperson, Isaack Chebii, said it was Mr Chesang, who settled on Friday for his baptism.

“Mr Chesang is now ready to lead the Christian life, which he has been admiring,” said Mr Chebii.

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