Who is Makena? Photos of vandalised car shake up social media

Photos of a heavily vandalized Mercedes Benz on Tuesday morning took Kenyans on social media by storm.

The white car was spray painted ‘MAKENA CHEATER’ and a host of other expletives that EDAILY cannot publish due to editorial considerations.

Kenyans online have since been left questioning who Makena is and who’s the person who vandalised the car.

The vandalism, EDAILY has learnt, was caused by a love triangle gone sour.

At the center of the scandal are three women well-known to the public, social and showbiz scene.

According to reports, one of the women works with an international broadcaster, the other a top corporate head while the third woman remains unknown as of the time of publishing.

Sources have claimed that the car owner was reportedly in a relationship with one of the women before cheating on her with the other woman.

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