‘Who asked you?’ How Njugush is taking down social media busybodies

Popular Kenyan comedian Timothy Kimani Ndgewa, alias ‘Njugush’, has now decided to make it his mission to silence social media naysayers and busy-bodies.

The comedian and his wife, Celestine Ndinda, recently released a video – christened ‘Who asked you?’ – in which they take jabs at online users who have unsolicited opinions and pieces of advice about everybody else’s lives and social media posts.

Njugush on Monday morning took to Instagram to post a video while playfully stroking his child’s mouth in order to make him say ‘baba’ instead of ‘mama’ and a few Kenyans online did not think it was funny.

Njugush and Celestine, however, did not take the negative comments lying down either.

Instagram user @maryjanet719 wrote “be careful putting fingers to baby mouth” and Njugush responded with “who asked you madam daktari.”

Yet another one, @kendimaina, said “I hope that finger is thoroughly washed and boiled like for some 20 mins” and the funnyman responded with the same ol’ “who asked you.”

Celestine also jumped in on the “who asked you” train when a @dr_mbwambo_stephen_senky bashed her man with a “That is child abuse” comment.

The couple has now seemingly taken a carefree positive approach to their social media activity, providing no space for anyone to tell them how they should lead their lives and what they can and cannot do.

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