Where aggressive Supreme Court bees came from, Babu Owino alleged involvement addressed

A swarm of bees which attacked Jubilee and the National Super Alliance (NASA) supporters outside the Supreme Court of Kenya on Wednesday, September 20 came from a hive that the insects had built on a power pole on Taifa Road.

Supporters of both political camps had clashed outside the Supreme Court of Kenya ahead of the Supreme Court judges’ detailed ruling on why four of the judges – out of six – quashed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory in the August 8 presidential vote.

Supporters of Jubilee Party had their branded T-shirts ripped off by those of the Opposition during the confrontation.

Security personnel, who were manning the Supreme Court boundaries, were forced to lobe teargas canisters at the then-rowdy NASA and Jubilee Party supporters to break up the conflict.

Coughing, supporters of both political camps fled the scene, causing commotion, which disrupted the bee colony.

The swarm of bees, consequently, embarked on a sting spree, which left at least two people severely injured and rushed to hospital; one of them was Lang’ata police boss, and another a person living with disability.

Sergeant Edward Opicho, who attempted to evacuate to safety the person living with disability, was seriously stung, forcing him to flee, leaving the already-subdued man to fate. The man living with disability was rescued and rushed to hospital after the swarm of bees had vanished.

Varied speculations to the source of the bees had emerged, with a section claiming the swarm of bees was taken there by a group of supporters.

Blogger Robert Alai claimed on Twitter that Embakasi East Member of Parliament (MP) Babu Owino was the person, who took the swarm of bees to the Supreme Court of Kenya in a container; and unleashed them on Jubilee supporters.

Citizen Television reporter Hassan Mugambi, who was on ground, however, dismisses that speculation, saying Babu Owino was not seen outside the Supreme Court of Kenya during the bee attack.

eDaily reached out to Babu Owino, who said he did not take the swarm of bees to the Supreme Court of Kenya in a container.

“If supporters of the ruling coalition had gone to cause chaos outside the Supreme Court of Kenya, and a swarm of bees attacked them, how am I to blame?” posed Mr Owino.

Another explanation by a police officer, who was at the scene, claims a protestor disturbed the beehive using a stick after tear gas was unleashed on the crowd.



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