What Wema Sepetu spends on her hair could be 10 times your salary!

Wema Sepetu’s boyfriend Idris sultan has defended the actress over the revelation that she spends TSh4.8 million (KSh221, 000) on her hair alone every month.

Idris Sultan, Big Brother Africa season 9 winner, says Wema Sepetu’s societal stature justifies the hefty spending.

During an interview with Tanzania’s Bongo 5, Idris Sultan said he has no issue with Wema’s spending because she works hard to maintain her sophistication.

“She is in her own class. Everyone spends according to his ability. Every single day Wema’s value ascends. She is industrious. That justfies her spending,” said Idris.

Idris made reference to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory which observes that: the more the income one earns, the more the spending on luxury and need to achieve actualization.

Wema Sepetu earlier divulged that she also spends TSh30, 000 (KSh1, 300) daily on dog food.


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