What turns me off in a section of Kenyan women: Juacali


Kenyan musician Juacali, born Paul Nunda, has revealed that the tendency of a section of Kenyan women depending on elderly financially buoyant men (‘sponsors’) for survival turns him off.

Speaking exclusively to EDAILY, Juacali said he fails to fathom how a woman, who is intellectually sophisticated or talented, blatantly chooses to depend on a man for survival instead of looking for a job in her area of specialization, or a field she is gifted in.

“They (a section of Kenyan women) have – unashamedly – decided to depend on men, despite them boasting of admirable education qualifications. Moreover, all their body parts are intact, including hands, legs etc that they can use to fend for themselves. They want an easy escape from poverty. It is not good at all,” said the Kiasi star.

Watch the full interview below:

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