What to do when your nudes are leaked


We currently live in a world where screenshots are more dangerous than a gun. With a simple tap on the screen your ex or friends can forever ruin your life.

Even with these facts, sexting had established itself in today’s dating culture and nudes have overpopulated the cyber space. People are getting more and more obsessed with their naked bodies and they cannot ignore the itch to share them. Things only get awry when the nudes you meant for only the eyes of one person are suddenly laid out in the open for the whole world to see, ridicule and criticize. It is a bad feeling that accompanies this, but it is not the end of the world, it cannot be the end of the world. If your nudes ever get leaked try and do this:

Ask them to pull it down

If the nudes were posted on social media, ask whoever posted them to pull them down. If they are being stubborn, it is time for step two.

Report to the authorities

Sharing your nude pictures is actually an infringement of your privacy, in reference to dethroned Miss World Kenya Roshanara Ebrahim’s case. Roshanara’s boyfriend was asked by the court to pay her a sum of Ksh1 million for leaking her nudes, because he abused her right to privacy. In the same way, turn your ex-partner to the authorities.

Do not give fire for fire

You do not defeat bad with good, if he posts your nudes don’t post his. It will only add salt to injury and draw more people to the controversy.

Do not shy from social media

Keep your social media account active because the more positive pictures are out there, the less the probability of the nudes surfacing on the first search.

Take screenshots

You can use the same weapon that was fashioned against you against your enemy. Take screenshots and document the social media activity linked to your nudes. These can be used as evidence of intent, forethought and malice in court and lead to the prosecution of whoever leaked your nudes.

Do not leak your nudes

This is the safest thing to do; nobody can be trusted these days. Please. Do not send nudes!


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