What to do when he says ‘God has told me to marry you’

Marriage is an important institution, and tying the knot is not something one should take lightly.

Choosing a marriage partner is a critical activity, and often one needs to seek familial and religious counsel before taking that all important step.

So, what do you do if a man walks up to you claiming that God has told to him to marry you?

According to Reverend Ken Aringo, a family counselor at ACK Chrisostom Parish, one should not be quick to rush into a union because a suitor claims God ordered it.

“Marriage takes two people and if God wants you both to get married he will speak to both parties,” Reverend Aringo said.

Without that confirmation, one should not be quick to accept a marriage proposal as a suitor could have used those words exploitatively.

So how should you respond when someone proposes marriage using God’s name?

  1. Do not over react

When a guy comes to you in the name of God do not respond emotionally. There is no need to create a scene or draw attention to you. Take the issue lightly, keep calm and just listen.

  1. Take it with a pinch of salt

As you listen to what the man has to say, do not blindly give in. Listen and remain rational about the matter; it is imperative that you do not get carried away – even if he quotes paragraphs of scripture. Look out for signs of deceit or contradicting statements.

  1. Pray

After he has approached you saying that God has revealed that you are his bride, take the issue up with God. Pray about it so that God can make it clear to you.

Remember that when God spoke to Mary about her immaculate pregnancy, He spoke to Joseph as well. If it is truly God’s will, he will reveal it independently to you too.

  1. Wait For confirmation

After taking the issue to God in prayer and God will give you a confirmation, if indeed he wants you both to unite in marriage.

If the answer God reveals is not coherent with what the man said, then you should stick to your conviction.

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