What the eyebrow shape, size say about you


If girls run the world, eyebrows run the girls, so we are stuck in a world that is run by eyebrows. Eyebrows are the big things these days; they are the subjects of important discussions. Many a girl would rather watch a channel on eyebrow artistry, than watch one that is teaching emergency drills in case Kim Jong nukes the world.

Eyebrows come in different shapes and sizes; and achieving the perfect brow is art in itself. Most eyebrow-artists in town today are accorded more respect than one’s own parents. But did you know how a girl chooses to wear her eyebrows reveals so much about her personality? Here goes!

Natural brows

If your girlfriend doesn’t do anything to her eyebrows, it could mean two things – she is so lazy that she can’t be bothered to do anything to them, or she is a confident woman who believes in her inner beauty. She is the what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of woman who would rather not waste her time in eyebrow engineering.

Shaved to a thin line

She is defiant, rebellious. She knows so well that thin-lined eyebrows went out of fashion a billion years ago but still maintains her style. She is against establishments, tough-headed and a real go-getter. You don’t tell her stuff, she is boss.

The other reason is that she could simply be outdated. If the craze with thick brows passes a girl by, Jesus can come and go unnoticed by her.

Shaved to the skin, the drawn to a thin line

She is trouble, run. Trust me; someone who shaves all her eyebrows – to the skin – and draws them as if they were an afterthought, can do unimaginable things to someone else.

Amorphous eyebrows

These girls draw just about anything for eyebrows after shaving it all. They are a hybrid of the lasses that shave all their brows then draw a thin line. They are mafia, feared by men and women alike. They can draw just about anything on their faces to stand for brows: half brackets, parenthesis, anything. Their eyebrows look like gang signs, they are the mob. They come to mind at the mention of women who cut men’s you-know-whats.

Well-arched, balanced

The slay queen is upon you. Her eye-brow is well-arched at the right places, well-balanced, not to thick, not too thin. They are lined with concealer. She probably spent an hour on that brow alone, and another on her cat-eye eyeliner. She is famous on the Gram, she takes selfies in expensive hotels, she shops high-end- on your bill. This is the type of woman who can absolutely pull a Blac Chyna on you.

Oh, and they are big players too, one doesn’t spend that much time on her brows with the intention of showing them to one man. It is simple Math.

Natural, well-shaped brows

Her eyebrows are natural, but they have been shaped to a fine, natural arch. They look good at all times; these are the type of girls who can lay claim to the phrase – ‘I woke up like this’ because they did. They are unlike the slay queens who can be rid of their eyebrow by a simple swipe of the palm. She does not try too hard, her beauty is effortless. She cares enough for her appearance without looking all drawn and coloured. They are usually quiet people, and loyal to the end.

Very thick brows

Hah, never have I come across a girl with thick eyebrows who does not talk a lot, these women are the radios of this world, and they are the know-it-alls too. You do not tell them anything, try to point out the width of their eyebrows and you will be met with absolute rebuff.

High-arched brows

They always look angry, and why would someone elect to look angry if they are not angry? These chics come with bad attitude; they are rude to waiters, rude to turnboys and are always bitter about something.

Bushy eyebrows

Girls with bushy brows often have this sanguine, bubbly personality. They are easy to speak to, they make fun of people, and they are the life of the party. They do not care what is said about them. This reminds me of that time when Serena Williams flat-out refused to have a bushy eyebrows shaved and shaped – the whole world almost signed a petition to have her coerced into it. Such is the insolence of bushy-eyebrowed ladies.

Eye-brows too close together or too far apart

Their eyebrows either look like they had an argument or they cannot live without one another. Girls like these have the same problem; the devil-take-it attitude. These people know they look bad, but are turned on by the displeasure of others. There is nothing that can be done to help them.



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