What Raila did to Jubilee-branded shirts handed to him by ex-TNA official Onyango Oloo: VIDEO


Opposition leader Raila Odinga threw away Jubilee-branded T-Shirts, which were handed to him by former TNA official Onyango Oloo at a rally in Kisumu Wednesday.

Raila, who held a rally at the Kisumu Stadium to mobilise residents aged 18 and above to register as voters, performed the act to symbolise a new beginning for Onyango Oloo – a man who contributed in helping Jubilee ascend to power in 2013.

Raila called Onyango Oloo to the stage, where he was addressing the crowd, and handed him an ODM-branded cap before greeting him and taking a Jubilee-branded T shirt from him, showed it to the gathering for about a minute, turning it around. Onyango Oloo then folded the shirt and handed it to Raila, while signaling him to throw it away. Raila held the shirt in his right hand, raised it over his head and threw it away to the crowd.

In a near-similar fashion, a woman dressed in TNA-branded shirt approached Odinga on the podium and removed the shirt before handing it to the Opposition leader who threw it to the crowd.

“Have you welcomed him? He has worked with our competitors to a point he knows many secrets about them,” Raila said after receiving Onyango Oloo.

No development record

In his speech, Raila criticised the government development agenda saying President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, are ‘bragging’ about projects that are either not launched by them, or are non-existent. He further castigated the government of condoning runaway corruption.

“These youthful leaders have stolen from the citizens of this nation. We are tired and enough is enough. The cost of living has sky-rocketed, the education system has been compromised, there are no job opportunities for our youth. You hear their leadership say they have connected houses to electricity, they initiated the SGR project. Useless! They call me old, but I am experienced in leadership more than they do,” said the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) leader.

“The government is chest thumping for preventing theft of national exam, and Fred Matiang’i (Education Cabinet Secretary) is being praised for it. I am asking Matiang’i this question: the children who sat national exams before 2016 and passed, were they also stupid? No! The pattern can’t change that drastically. There was a problem in the marking and annunciation of KCSE results and I want the results investigated. They are ruining the future of our children who are clever and are capable of leading this nation. We have to change that if voted in.”

“We have the ability, the passion and the intent to send Jubilee packing.”

We are not age mates

Raila also took a swipe at Deputy President, William Ruto, accusing him of engaging him in exchange of words like he (Raila) were his age mate.

“I am not Ruto’s age mate. This time round I am telling him he will go home whether he likes it or not. I am not his age mate whom he plays with everyday. Our people who went to the other side (government) have returned home. We welcome them,” Raila said while referring to the decamping of ex-TNA Secretary General, Onyango Oloo, who has since joined the Opposition brigade.

Your vote, your tool

Raila urged Kisumu residents to turn out in large numbers to register as voters – a tool he says will contribute immensely in sending Jubilee administration packing.

“Everyone who has attained voting age should register as a voter. Be on the look-out for the citizens who are 18 years and above but have refused to register as voters. When identified, frog march them to voter registration centrers. I urge you not to indulge in excessive drinking to a point you are unable to register as a voter. And to all women, if your partner has not registered as a voter, he should not even come near you,” added Raila.

Raila targets to mobilise 1, 274, 894 citizens with IDs and not yet registered as voters in Nyanza region. IEBC targets to register 854, 179 voters in the same region. The Nyanza region has 2, 236, 428 voters according to IEBC provisional register as at December 31, 2016.

A new campaign by IEBC to register voters kicked off countrywide Monday, January 16 with the electoral body seeking to list six million new voters.

IEBC Chief Executive Officer, Ezra Chiloba, said his team seeks to add six million voters to the 15.9 million already registered.

Some 7,793 biometric voter registration kits will be used during the campaign to be executed at over 24,000 polling centres around the country.

The IEBC has hired over 21,421 staff for the campaign, including 290 registration officers, 290 assistant registration officers, 1,775 voter registration assistants, 2,900 ward-based voter educators, 580 ICT support assistants and 15,586 clerks.

State House spokesman, Manoah Esipisu, said President Uhuru Kenyatta will lead the Jubilee team in rallying Kenyans to register beginning Thursday, January 19.



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