What does Babu Owino’s famed word ‘Tibim’ mean? He gives interesting response


Controversial SONU leader Babu Owino says ‘Tibim’ is a Greek word, which means revolution.

Owino says he learnt of the word when he visited Greece last year – and that it impressed him; and embarked on using it during his campaigns for 2016 SONU chair post and Embakasi East Parliamentary seat ahead of August 2017 general election.

eDaily’s independent search for the word ‘Tibim’ did not yield a result from the Greek-to-English dictionary, but online search on the website meaningsfor.com shows ‘Tibim’ is an abbreviation to mean harmony and balance with great ability of decision making. This implies power and leadership.

It could also imply authority, self confidence, riches, professionalism and good judgment.

The word ‘Tibim’ has found its way in political addresses, with the most recent platform of its use being the Opposition’s NASA rally held at Bomas of Kenya on Wednesday, January 11, where KANU Secretary General would use it to mobilise approval of his remarks by the delegates present at function.


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