What Diamond is doing with squabbling P-Sqaure brothers

It seems like sibling duo, P-square is working together yet again, thanks to renowned Tanzanian artist, Diamond Platnumz.

Peter and Paul Okoye flew to Johannesburg, South Africa where they have met up with the Nana hit-maker, Diamond Platnumz to shoot a music video.

Even if Diamond Platnumz has not been able to post any post concerning their project, it seems that he might be working with the duo.

Paul Okoye, who is now known by his stage name Rudeboy, has seemingly leaked the secret by posting a picture of him wearing a WGB Wasafi cap and captioned: “It was great supporting a brother from east Africa…The king of east Africa guess you already know who?”

He also posted various pictures of him and his twin Peter, from the video shoot.

Peter, was not left behind. He too got to share the moments with his fans.

From the look of things, it seems like the duo is in good terms.

Not long ago, the No one Like You hit-makers got into an online fight which involved their eldest brother Jude who was also their manager.


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