What colour says about you

If you’re like most of us when we’re getting ready in the morning, you might just reach into your closet half-asleep and throw on whatever’s closest. We get it. Choosing certain colours to wear on any given day is not really the first thing that comes to mind. Going for whatever is close – or whatever is clean – is easy, but let’s be honest. Ensembles full of interesting pops of colour are exciting. Certainly more exciting than a look you just pulled together out of convenience.

The colours you choose to wear also say something about you to the world, whether you like it or not. Are you confident? Creative? Loyal? Artsy? Dominating? Flashy? Are you actually none of these things but wanting to convey that you are? Read on to find out what colours you should wear to put out the right vibe


A colour that exudes both love and danger, red is highly charged with emotions. When you wear red, you aren’t afraid to stand out. Boldness is the name of the game, but try not to overdo it; you’ll run the risk of looking too aggressive.

This colour is best for  party or date night




Orange is, frankly, a hit or miss color. While you may be going for a bolder look that shows that you’re creative and ambitious, wearing too much bright orange can make you look like an escaped convict or someone that’s trying a little too hard. Instead, go for lighter shades for the same effect with none of the tackiness.Best For a Happy hour or early dinner date.



Yellow projects happiness and is perfect for easy weekend wear. Though it shows the wearer to be unafraid of risk, this is not a hue you want to wear much of in the office, because some people feel that it’s indicative of immaturity.

Best For Weekend lunch dates or the beach

yellow trouser yellow colour


When you’re putting on that green shirt or those green chinos, keep in mind that each shade of green has different connotations. Wear bright green when you want to look fresh, muted green when you want to relax, and dark green when you want to impress.

Best For The office or the golf course.


Got an interview you need to nail or a first date you’re excited about? Blue is the way to go. The colour conveys friendliness and loyalty all while helping you project confidence. Lighter shades will keep you calm, while darker shades convey trustworthiness.


blue suit


While some folks may dismiss pink as a “girl colour,” we recommend trying it out. It’s actually associated with sincerity, love, and sophistication.




Black is go-to for just about everyone, and for good reason. It’s neutral, so it goes with everything, and it will help you come off as powerful and authoritative. To tone it down a little, though, try adding a pop of color to even things out.


White symbolizes perfection and balance. So, if you’re feeling harmonious (or if you want to feel that way), add some white into your ensemble. Toss in some other colors, as well, so you don’t look washed out.

mens-white pantswhite pants


Brown connotes masculinity, commitment, and stability, but unfortunately, it can also come off as boring. Consider adding a splash of colour to liven things up,Best for  attending an important meeting



If you want to look neutral yet sophisticated, go for grey. If you can, though, avoid wearing it all the time; it may lower your mood after a while.Best for an interview or a semi-formal wedding


The colors you wear are important and they can say a lot about who you are. Keep this guide in mind so you know exactly what to wear in order to look powerful, sensible, or sophisticated. Taking command of the colors you wear will help you get ahead and inspire you on even your dullest of days.



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