What Chameleone said about Guvnor’s ‘old’ mzungu wife

Top Ugandan artiste, Jose Chameleone, has voiced his thoughts about fellow singer Guvnor Ace’s marriage to 68-year-old woman.

Jose has revealed he finds the union ‘somehow weird’, but respects Guvnor’s decision.

“We have praised relationships for their looks not the love. I know somehow even for me it’s weird. But as long as Guvnor and Lisa are in love then the rest is your problem as public,” reads Chameleone’s recent Facebook post.

He questioned why Guvnor’s union to Mona Lisa has spiked criticism from the public saying, “Does this mean the society we live in is more interested in negativity than positivity?”

Jose “The Love Doc” said love comes in many shades and nothing should come in between lovers – even age difference.

“Love speaks many languages, enjoy your selves. If you love each other and are happy together, then what else?” he vented.

The Wale Wale hit-maker went on: “People give wealth to animals that mean a lot more to them than humans! Why then is it a problem that Guvnor and Lisa are love birds?”

He concluded his post by wishing the two a happy honeymoon.

Guvnor Ace (28) and Mona Lisa (68) tied the knot on Thursday in an event that was attended by relatives and close friends.

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