We’re sniffing out organisers of raunchy ‘Project X2” party – Ezekiel Mutua


Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) boss Ezekiel Mutua has vowed to ensure that ‘Project X2 Party’ does not see the light of day, days after a poster advertising the bash – which is to be held on 18th March – went viral online.

The tough talking film boss, who has been branded “Kenya’s moral police” by liberals for his tough stance on various social issues, stated that KFCB has informed police about the party.

“Police have been put on high alert and are searching for the organisers. We thank the police, Kenyans of goodwill who have called or alerted us about this on social media and we promise to take action to foil this satanic activity whose agenda is to destroy our children,” Mutua wrote on his official Facebook page.

According to posters doing rounds online, the Project X2 party is slated for Saturday, 18th March. Though the exact location of the event is yet to be made public, the advert states that it will be held on Isiolo Road,Nairobi.

In a circular sent to newsrooms over the weekend, the film board stated that they the party is violates Film and Stage Plays Act Cap222, therefore it would work with police to arrest those behind the event.

“The Board has alerted the police and investigations are currently underway with an aim to arrest the organizers of the party for prosecution in line with the Film and Stage Plays Act Cap222, the Penal Code and other laws intended to protect children from all forms of exploitation by criminals,” read the statement.

In addition to these measures, Mutua urged parents to keep a keen eye on their children, as such ‘lewd’ events are taking place secretly.

In the meantime, we urge parents to remain vigilant and monitor the whereabouts of their children. While the Board has undertaken to eliminate such parties, we are aware that such meetings are happening secretly, especially within the wealthy urban residences.

In March 2016, posters of a raunchy party code-named “Project X” sparked extended social media debates, with many parents expressing concern about teens being exposed to negative influences,

The viral posters advertised drug fuelled orgies, with one even stating that nobody will go back home a virgin.

Senior police officers said they had deployed undercover detectives to catch the organizers.

Parents, leaders and members of the public expressed concern about the party with many calling on security forces to ban the function.

A South Sudanese was arraigned in court for allegedly hosting the party, and more than 100 teenagers were arrested at a house in Langata after they were found at a party suspected to be linked to the controversial Project X event.

Most of the teenagers arrested at the house are believed to be high school students.

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