Wema’s mum: There’s no way my daughter will get back together with Diamond!


Wema Sepetu’s mother, Mariam Sepetu, says there is no way her daughter can get back together with her ex-boyfriend, musician Diamond Platnumz.

Mariam’s declaration comes in the wake of online speculations that Wema could rekindle a love affair with her superstar ex, given the closeness the pair enjoys.

“Let me tell you – once and for all – Diamond and Wema are currently friends – that’s all. There is no way they will get back together as lovers. I am the one who knows Wema very well; she has a heart, which is very unique. That is why you’re seeing her hanging out with Diamond, even after they went separate ways long time ago. They are supporting each other in their respective business ventures,” Mariam told Tanzania’s ‘Amani’ newspaper.

“Wema has her own life, and Diamond has his. Never will they get back together,” insisted Mariam.

Wema and Diamond dated in an on-and-off relationship, which began in 2012 and ended in November, 2014.

The actress’ mother statement comes on the back of claims that Wema Sepetu has a new boyfriend, whom she is yet to reveal his identity.

The film star on Wednesday, October 17 took to Instagram to share a picture showing her and a dark-skinned man sleeping on bed, with the caption: “My future husband”.


In another post on the same platform, Wema is captured on video kissing the man she identified as “her future husband”.

She captioned the video: “They say love is blind. And I think I cannot see. I love you, babe. That is all that matters. [It is] us against the world. Let it be so. I am really tired of what people said about me. How much did they say?”


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