Wema Sepetu’s mum kicks out the actress’ boyfriend late in night

The mother of top Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu recently kicked out the film star’s boyfriend from her [Wema’s] home after he allegedly refused to buy power tokens, when the house was plunged into darkness.

Mariam Sepetu had visited her daughter in Dar es Salaam, when the incident happened.

Wema Sepetu was not at home, when her lover, only identified as Rahur, was kicked out by her mum.

Rahur was at Wema’s home, when the actress’s mother arrived. And at around 11pm, the power supply to Wema’s house at Mbezi-Salasala was cut after tokens ran out.

Wema’s mother thought since there was a man in the house, he would offer to buy power tokens. Rahur did not, fuelling Mariam Sepetu’s anger.

Neighbours said an enraged Mariam ordered Rahur to pack up his things and leave her daughter’s house. An argument ensued, but Mariam had made up her mind, and there was no turning back for her, forcing Rahur to leave while embarrassed.

Tanzania’s ‘Global Publishers’ reached out to Mariam Sepetu, who confirmed that the incident happened.

She, however, said she kicked Rahur out of Wema’s house because the film star had not introduced Rahur to her, therefore she [Wema] couldn’t stay with him in the same house until a formal introduction was done.

When contacted for comment, Rahur denied that he was kicked out because he refused to buy power tokens. According to him, Mariam Sepetu doesn’t want Wema to be with him.

The actress has since cut ties with Rahur.

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