Wema Sepetu: I pity Diamond Platnumz very much


Wema Sepetu says sometimes she pities Diamond Platnumz because the singer’s personal life “has not grown commensurately to his music”.

Speaking to Tanzania’s Ijumaa, Wema Sepetu said that some of Diamond’s actions cause his fans to lose the respect they have for him.

“His music has grown tremendously, but not his personal life. Sometimes I pity him very much on how he runs his life. I even wish I could sit him down and tell him how big he is internationally and that he shouldn’t do certain ‘Swahili things’ that reduce the respect people have for him.”

For those who think that Wema is throwing shade at her ex, the former beauty queen says there is no bad blood between her and Diamond Platnumz, and that the rift between them was created by their fans.

“There are times #TeamWema abuses Diamond Platnumz, his daughter (Latiffah Dangote) and his partner (Zari Hassan). Honestly, I don’t like what the fans do because many think I am the mastermind of the acrimony. I urge my fans to go slow on the abuses.”

“The #team mentality has caused a lot of trouble between us. I wish to categorically say I am fan number one of Diamond’s songs, but I am forced to hide so that I can sing along to his songs. I hate living such a life. Besides the intimate relationship we had in the past, I am Diamond’s big fan. Why should I suppress the feeling to that which I love (Diamond’s songs)?” posed Wema.

Wema Sepetu recently reached out to her vast fan-base, asking them to cast their votes for Diamond Platnumz as he contends for BET’s Best International Act Africa Award.

The event will take place on Sunday, June 26 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

“I have grown. I have put aside childish behaviour. I don’t want unnecessary and meaningless beef. If you keenly recap the differences between Diamond and I, there isn’t any substantial issue we were fighting over. There reaches a time when a person should change, especially during this Holy month of Ramadhan.”

Diamond is suppressing my breakthrough-Wema

The model turned entrepreneur further divulged that she is open to working with Diamond Platnumz, but “Diamond has the habit of suppressing her breakthrough”.

“I have no problem working with Diamond, but there are bad things he does to make sure I don’t succeed in certain ventures. What does that show about the relationship between us?”

The former Miss Tanzania 2006 says Diamond Platnumz probably wishes to work with her – considering her popularity in Tanzania and beyond – but he wouldn’t make the move because of his pride.

“There is a possibility that Diamond wishes to ask something from me or work with me, but it gets difficult because of our sour past.”

Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu – once East Africa’s power couple – broke up in November, 2014.


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