Wema Sepetu has not undergone surgery to reduce belly size: Manager


Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu did not fly to India in May this year to undergo a tummy tuck surgery, her manager, Neema Ndepanya, says.

Ms Ndepanya says the 2006 Miss World Tanzania winner flew to India for “personal” medical treatment, and not to undergo a tummy reduction procedure. Earlier June, Ms Ndepanya had revealed that Ms Sepetu was in India “seeking treatment for abdominal pains”.

Rumours recently swirled online, when a section of social media users claimed Ms Sepetu’s mission in India was to get a “smaller waist”.

“Wema won’t lack sleep because of such baseless speculations. She is actually turning a deaf ear on them. What I can say is that she flew to India to seek medical treatment,” Ms Ndepanya told Tanzania’s Global Publishers.

On May 29, 2018, Wema Sepetu’s mother, Mariam Sepetu, broke news about the actress’s trip to India.

Mariam told a Dar es Salaam court that her daughter, who was facing drug-related charge, could not attend then-court proceedings because she was “away on treatment”.

Mariam did not disclose what Wema was suffering from.

State prosecutor Constantine Kakula enquired why the actress wasn’t physically in court, expressing doubts on Mariam’s revelation, saying there was no evidence to prove that Wema Sepetu was unwell.

Mariam, thereafter, produced travel documents, which showed that her daughter had flown to India.

The judge, Thomas Simba, said travel documents do not prove hospitalisation, and, therefore, ordered Mariam to ensure her daughter was produced in court on June 13.

Wema Sepetu was presented in court on the set date, with hearing into her drug possession case set to continue.

Wema Sepetu has been in court since February, 2017.


A section of Tanzanian media early June claimed that Wema Sepetu was in India for fertility treatment.

A source close to Wema Sepetu’s family claimed the model traveled to India to seek, among other treatments, fertility corrective procedures.

“Wema really desires to be a mother. She hasn’t given up on that quest. She has traveled to India to receive fertility treatment. I understand she will undergo a surgical operation,” the insider told Global Publishers.

Wema Sepetu’s manager, Neema Ndepanya, however, refuted those claims.

“What I know is that Wema is in India for treatment of abdominal pains and nothing else,” said Ms Ndepanya.


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