Wema Sepetu accused of wrecking Diamond’s sister’s marriage

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has been accused of breaking Diamond Platnumz’s sister’s marriage, says Tanzania’s weekly newspaper Ijumaa.

Until their acrimonious break up, Esma Platnumz was married to Hamad Manungwa-better known as Petit Man. The union, which lasted for two years, was blessed with a child.

Esma Platnumz with her estranged husband, Petit Man

Esma Platnumz with her estranged husband, Petit Man during their wedding ceremony Photo/Courtesy

For a while now, Wema has been rumoured to be secretly dating Esma’s husband-claims which she vehemently denied.

However, more weight was put on the claims when Esma allegedly found some suggestive messages from Wema on her husband’s phone.

Wema’s midnight calls

“Esma claims her main reason for opting out of her union with Petit is the irritation which came with constantly seeing Wema’s messages on Petit’s phone.  She was also irked by Petit receiving Wema’s calls until midnight,” revealed Ijumaa’s source.

When the Tanzanian weekly sought Wema’s comments regarding the accusations, she said, “I have always been supportive of Petit’s work. So, if there’s somebody who talks ill of me, I think they are bent on tarnishing my image.”

Wema went further to clarify that she and Petit are just good friends.

“I am close with Petit because he is a good friend and also because he works for Endless Fame Production house (a production house where she records her films). I have nothing with him, those are just rumours. I am appalled!”

When the weekly reached out to Esma, she shied from responding saying the matter has been escalated to the families of both spouses.

Wema and other top Tanzanian female celebrities have been nicknamed ‘Al Shabaab’ by renowned Tanzanian presenters because of ‘home wrecking’.

The presenters have accused them of being behind the dissolution of a number of prominent marriages in the country.

This resulted in the actress being showered with abuses from fans.

Wema has reported one of the presenters who accused her of breaking Esma’s marriage to the police.

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